PS2 Cheats

Sakura Taisen 3 Cheats

Cheat Mode:
From the main menu, select “One Fine Day in Paris,” then the middle option. In the following menu, the top option will prompt for a password input, whereas the middle option will allow you to select from the special events you have unlocked.

Password – Result:
10251879 – Betting Becomes Glamorous
31491110 – Christmas Calendar
19141010 – Coquelicot’s Alarm Clock
55050500 – Enemy’s Alarm Clock
81515645 – Erica’s Alarm Clock
41816146 – Glycine’s Alarm Clock
15846522 – Hanabi’s Alarm Clock
34514820 – Happy New Year
02081005 – Les Chattes Noires Big Adventure!
05111320 – Lobelia’s Alarm Clock
19061909 – Mell

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