PS2 Cheats

Rogue Trooper Cheats

Unlock Extreme ragdoll:
Beat the game once

Unlock Low gravity ragdoll:
Beat the game once

Unlock Hippy Blood:
Beat the game once

Unlock Level Select:
Clear one level and you can select it from the cheat menu

Unlock Massacre Difficulty:
Beat the game once on any difficulty

Hint – Free Standard Clip:
Tget a free standard ammo clip when you run out, instead of purchasing another clip lay your sentry gun down and pick it up, you will have a fresh ammo clip so you can go kill some more Norts. Happy hunting!!

Hint – Faster Sniper Fire Rate:
Zoom in and fire as normal — if you miss or the target needs another hole in them, quickly exit scope view and re-enter it and there will be another round already loaded into the chamber instead of having to wait.

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