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Reel Fishing III

TITLE Reel Fishing III
GENRE Simulator
DEVELOPER Victor Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 24 Apr-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

Reel Fishing III is a return to nature fishing! Whether you a seasoned veteran or have yet to cast your first line, Reel Fishing III will make it possible to experience fishing as it was meant to be…as it should be…in mother nature.

Reel Fishing III sets itself apart from other Bass Sports Fishing titles by offering a true to life fishing experience. Using the PlayStation 2 technology, Reel Fishing III will offer beautiful scenery, a real-life 3-dimensional fishing engine, true sounds of nature in Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, inspiring soundtracks and fish so real that most will want to keep them in an aquarium.

  • Over 20 unique Stages: located all over the world offering different seasons and weather conditions.
  • Select different fishing spots within the realistic stages.
  • Real Time Fishing: sit fishing early in the morning on a calm lake, as time progresses the fog will lift, the sun will appear and the fish will slowly move to the bottom of the water. Just like if you were really there!
  • New feature to the fishing genre…a variety of events: Such as if you fix an abandoned boat, you will be able to fish in the middle of the lake, or after a storm, you might find that a large piece of driftwood makes a new path to the other side of the river opening new fishing spots.
  • Over 30 fresh water fish: uniqueness of each detailed fish – moving and acting as each individual kind does: some fish include, Black Bass, Florida Bass, King Salmon, Brown Trout, Steal Head and many more popular fish…
  • Battle your fish in an underwater 3-dimensional world!
  • Utilizing Dolby Surround sound, you will feel that you are surrounded by nature…birds chirping…leaves rustling…water gentling flowing.
  • Over 150 different fishing tackle and fishing techniques. From flies to lures or lines to rods.
  • Different abilities: beginner or fishing-pro, choose from traditional bait fishing, lure fishing or the artistic fly fishing techniques.

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