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Ninja Assault

TITLE Ninja Assault
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Namco Bandai

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 31 Mar-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

The royal family has long held the power to unseal the might of the mythical Mach Gun and Princess Koto is the sole survivor of that illustrious family. But the evil warlord, Sikai-oh, has kidnapped her and now holds her captive, intent on coercing her into divulging the gun’s whereabouts and secrets, then using the power of the gun to enslave the world.

Two of Princess Koto’s personal ninja bodyguards, Guren and Gunjo, set out to save her from the evil warlord’s clutches. If they are to succeed, they’ll need courage, quick reactions and more than their fair share of sharp-shooting ability as they run up against a succession of heavily armed foes ? including fellow Ninjas, giant mechanical spiders, and vicious end-of-level bosses.

  • Namco haven’t just reproduced the arcade version of their game for the PlayStation?2. They’ve gone all out to improve it, with specially-created mini-games, hidden levels, special bonuses, three different ways to play and many other PS2-only features.
  • As well as playing as either Guren or Gunjo, you’ll also be able to play as a new, ferocious female character, with her own unique storyline. Many additional cut-scenes, never previously seen, have been specially created for this character’s plotline; there are also multiple endings, depending upon your performance across all the stages up until the final stage.
  • Each character has a unique combination of characteristics and attributes, such as rapid fire, constitution, attack power, health and maximum ammo capacity, enabling you to use different strategies depending on the character selected.As you’d expect from a shooting game of this quality, Ninja Assault copes happily with both players using a G-con2 gun.
  • The game features nine huge and action-packed levels to blast your way through, including the royal castle, a dense and dangerous forest, a ghost town, an underground cave network, and finally Sikai-oh’s heavily-guarded headquarters. Meanwhile several Boss Stages place a premium on timing, skill, perseverance and accuracy of shooting.

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