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NCAA Football 2003

TITLE NCAA Football 2003
US PUBLISHER Electronic Arts

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SCREENS ADDED: 31 Mar-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

NCAA? Football 2003 relives the intensity, pageantry and spirit of college football and celebrates the loyalty and tradition of college football’s storied football programs. No other college football game creates the experience of the intense rivalries at all 117 Division I-A and 27 I-AA schools across the country. NCAA Football 2003 brings all that is special to college football — the schools, the unique formations and plays, the band music, the cheerleaders, the mascots — creating a very different, unique gaming experience that is different from professional football.

  • College Atmosphere: New 3D cheerleaders and 25 new mascot teams to cheer on your favorite teams; over 200 new team-specific chants and fight songs echoing the sounds of college football like never before; all 117 Division 1-A stadiums creating a true-to-life environment; new pre-game presentation with school-specific entrances; improved player detail — including larger uniform patches, pride stickers, new player faces and textures.
  • College Game play: New plays and formations — including new option variations and dynamic WR splits; new animations — including standing catches, stiff arm, broken tackles and speed options; new control mechanics — defensive coach cam and defensive swat; major AI improvements — enhanced running game, defense pass coverage and blocking schemes; independent audibles for defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs; defensive play diagrams — review offensive and defensive assignments drawn on the field.
  • Rival Game Mode: Play against your school’s archenemy for a chance to win one of 23 coveted rivalry trophies.
  • Trophy Room: Show off your personally engraved memories of your major victories, including conference trophies and individual player trophies.
  • Bowl Games: Earn your chance to compete in one of the 28 bowl games including the new San Francisco Bowl, Hawaii Bowl and Queen City Bowl.
  • My Favorite Team: Personalize the game interface based on your favorite team (school music, mascot, logos and colors can be changed).
  • Create-A-School: Create a team and build a national powerhouse in every game mode, including season and dynasty.
  • Customize everything from the school name and nickname to the uniform, stadium and fight song.
  • Deeper Dynasty Mode?: New custom schedules — choose your non-conference and non-traditional games; authentic schedules — neutral-site games and classic match-ups; off-season improvements — coaching strategies like recruiting, cutting; on-field performance affects recruiting success, crowd attendance and program’s prestige.
  • Pennant Collection: Earn pennants during game play and unlock secret teams, stadiums and cheats.
  • Many More Teams: Mascot teams — play a complete game with one of the 50 mascot teams available; new 2001 All-American Team.
  • Sound Enhancements: Improved TV commentary with less repetition and more in-game content from the broadcast super team of Kirk Herbstreit, Brad Nessler and Lee Corso.
  • EA SPORTS Unlocks: NCAA Football 2003 consumers will be able to unlock special Madden Cards within Madden NFL 2003.

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