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Naval Ops: Commander

TITLE Naval Ops: Commander
GENRE Simulator

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SCREENS ADDED: 14 Dec-2004

Official Fact Sheet:

Naval Ops: CommanderTM is set in an alternate reality where the powerful nations of Virshia have deployed an armada of “Superships” around the globe. Through Virshia’s aggressive assault on the world’s oceans, nations quickly fell while others still hang in the balance. In the game, players command a lone Tactical Battle Group committed to fighting the Virshian fleet.

The action in Naval Ops: CommanderTM takes place in two phases: Strategy and Battle. During the Strategy phase, players are briefed on the impending battle. Based on mission objectives and known threats, players can upgrade and adapt their ship using a full spectrum of integrated weapon and defence systems, propulsion hardware and aircraft. At this stage, players can also invest in new technology, develop new weapons, purchase parts, or choose from over 100 combat-ready vessels based on actual ships from the United States, Japan, Great Britain and Germany.

Naval Ops: CommanderTM introduces several new developments to the series. With the new TBG (Tactical Battle Group) system players have real time control of a primary warship and gain the option of changing the attack formation of escort ships that provide anti-aircraft, anti-ship and assault support.

Commanding an entire Tactical Battle Group requires up-to-the minute enemy intelligence and a total picture of the environment. Swarming fighters and high-speed vessels are constant dangers. That’s why Naval Ops: CommanderTM provides a complete bird’s eye view of all the battle space. Furthermore the user-controlled camera gives the player the unparalleled ability to sweep each sector for surface, air and land based threats, while radar system allows players to attack with precision.

Naval Ops: CommanderTM features more than 200 different weapons based on real world and fictional designs including anti-ship missiles, depth charges, machine guns, plasma cannons and lasers. With over 1,000 parts in all, there are more ship components than the original Warship Gunner including: hulls, engines, aft, and forward bridges, targeting systems, sonar, emergency systems and aircraft. Players will be able to construct battleships, carriers, destroyers and more.

With over 80 stages, Naval Ops: Commander has more than twice as many stages as Warship Gunner. Each stage has a primary objective as well as a series of secondary missions that change each time the stage is played. Completion or failure of the secondary objectives can affect later scenarios in the game. But when dangers strikes it’s time to react with overwhelming firepower. Naval Ops: CommanderTM will come armed with the following additional features:

  • Over 100 different escort ships can be purchased or salvaged from combat
  • Command aircraft carriers to launch sorties against enemy assets. Choose from 100 combat aircraft
  • Fight without re-supplying fuel and ammo, or modifying the ship in survival mode.
  • The Warship Evaluation System analyzes the performance of user-designed ships and provides data critical to improving ship design.
  • Each stage has unique weapons or parts. Items that can be acquired are varied and depend on the condition of the player’s ship.
  • Tutorial system and detailed information about ship parts, weapon systems and aircraft.

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