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Kya: Dark Lineage

TITLE Kya: Dark Lineage
GENRE Action
UK PUBLISHER Namco Bandai Partners (Atari)
NORDIC PUBLISHER Namco Bandai Partners (Atari)

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 10 Jun-2003

SCREENS ADDED: 14 May-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

Plunged into a mysterious world, Kya must seek her way through multiple dangers to find her brother and a way back home. She discovers the Nativs, a peaceful tribe, oppressed by the Wolfens – the menacing army of the evil Brazul. Kya must lead the rebellion of the Nativs for their freedom. Mastering magical powers, Kya can liberate the Wolfens from their mystical imprisonment and restore their true Nativ identity.

Steal your way through or fight head-to-head with hordes of Wolfens using original combat moves and magical strikes. Soar against various vertiginous wind currents on breathtaking flights. Slide down extreme entwined turbulent tracks, through challenging obstacles and lush environments. Journey through unbelievable acrobatic freefalls as you get closer to Kya?s quest to save her brother and defeat the Fortress of Brazul.

  • A twist plot scenario with 34 principal and side quests drives the gameplay to reveal Kya’s destiny
  • Explore through nine massive, spectacularly detailed environments
  • A creative blend of game play elements are completely integrated into the environment
  • Melee with dynamic fighting combos and upgradeable weapons
  • Steal, tame and straddle wild animals to flee or attack your enemies
  • Character and environment evolution are interlinked: the more Nativs Kya frees, the more shops they build offering new capacities and power-ups
  • An extensive and intricate monetary system allows players to purchase power-ups and magical abilities
  • Special single- and multi-player mini-games

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