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Ice Nine

TITLE Ice Nine
GENRE Action

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 26 Feb-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

The game begins at the “secret” CIA training facility called The Farm at Camp Peary in Virginia. A young agent trainee named James Clayton takes on a mission to thwart the theft and deployment of the Ice Nine virus. This virus, unlike a normal computer virus can be spread through ordinary power lines. It is capable of massive damage through disabling the power centers of any city chosen as a target.

The player, as a covert operative for the CIA, performs missions handed down by a high-ranking CIA member. The missions take the player through a conspiracy plot that leads right to the top! During the game the player will make choices that will ultimately impact the multiple endings of the game. Stay true to the tenets of the CIA and become a high-ranking officer, or carry out double agent objectives and work for the rogue Chinese terrorist organization known as the Xu.

Ice Nine takes place in first person mode. The player will not only have access to gadgets such as bugs and a high-tech PDA but also heavy ballistic equipment such as rocket launchers and remote mines. The player is also able to take on many disguises in the course of the game from enemies he has neutralized. Mission briefings are supplied at the beginning of each mission, and also updated mid-mission as the scenario changes to reflect the player’s decisions.

  • Multiple endings/mission objectives based on the player’s decisions made in the game. – Two distinct paths for replayability. Play through as committed CIA operative or a traitor focused on self-gain.
  • Unique ‘undercover time’ system. The player will need to mingle with the enemy through the disguise system, and gain necessary information to complete his mission.
  • Levels have distinct look and feel.
  • Game levels include playing through the CIA training facility known as The Farm, as well an offshore Chinese terrorist outpost complete with submarine base.
  • More than 15 different enemies with varied behavior, appearance, dialogue, and personality.
  • After the enemy is neutralized the player will be able to take their clothing and operate in disguise.
  • 20 unique weapons/gadgets — including PDA that gives player information and can also be used as “tazer” gun.
  • Believable A.I. — enemies hide, run away when out of ammo, call for reinforcements, pick up grenades and try to throw them back and talk to each other in battle.
  • Realistic Physics Model — rubble tumbles to the ground when walls are blown away, chairs explode, tables buckle, plus kinetic energy redistribution: objects on tables move when the player bumps the table, paintings shake on walls when the player bumps into them.
  • Play alongside your fellow CIA agent Layla. She will work to carry out mission objectives for you and can be instructed to thwart enemies as needed. However, only time will tell which side she really works for.
  • Remember the first CIA tenet: “Nothing is what it seems?”.

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