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Guilty Gear XX Slash Cheats

Mission an character unlockables:
Mission Artwork – Beat Mission Level 1 with the character.
EX Characters – Beat Mission Level 2 with the character.
SP Colors – Beat Mission Level 3 with the character.
#Reload Characters – Beat Arcade mode with the character.
Order-Sol Mission Level 3 – Unlock Kliff and Justice.

Unlock kliff:
Beat survival mode level 400

Unlock Justice:
Beat survival mode level 420

Unlocking other EX characters:
Through survival mode,you can unlock EX and SP characters.
After LV 500 youj will start fighting Gold characters instead of the EX ones in the order they appeared in EX forms. After unlocking the SP forms,Press start at the unlocked character then press right at the Directional stick.

EX Order Sol – LV460
EX A.B.A – LV480
ES Sol – LV500

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