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Frogger: The Great Quest

TITLE Frogger: The Great Quest
GENRE Action
US PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment
UK PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
NORDIC PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 13 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Frogger returns with a brand new look, style of gameplay and attitude. Enter Firefly pond and join a magical adventure where an all-new Frogger searches for the princess of his dreams. In a lush 3D environment, Frogger explores dark caverns, goblin trails, swirling streams, perilous swamps and huge castles. During his adventures, Frogger interacts with over 80 unique characters that will help or hinder him in his quest to become a prince.

  • Dozens of original characters with unique voices and personalities
  • 15 huge, unique, and animated 3D environments
  • Varied gameplay including platform jumping and vehicle driving
  • Children-friendly fairy tale storyline combined with witty humor

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