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Flushed Away

TITLE Flushed Away
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Vicious Cycle
US PUBLISHER D3 Publishing
UK PUBLISHER D3 Publishing

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 22 Jul-2006


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Official Fact Sheet:

The only video game based on the upcoming film from DreamWorks Animation and Aardman, Flushed Away lets players relive the movie and beyond as they assume the roles of Roddy, Rita and take the wheel of the Jammy Dodger watercraft. Maneuver through a dangerous underground city filled with enemies, waterfalls and traps in a struggle against the villainous Toad and his evil plans. Comprised of more than 10 levels and 3 exciting mini-games, players will use a rat trap catapult, a dashing cocktail sword, pudding mix, and other items found in the sewer as they defeat enemies and dodge floating debris. Fun mini-games such as Rat Traps and’ Crayons, Pathfinder, and more extend the gameplay and offer players a chance to increase their health by collecting and salvaging rare treasures, boost their energy through power-up items and unlock exclusive content.

  • The Only Video Game that Lets Players Relive the Film and Beyond ? Adventuring in London?s underground canals has never been this much fun! Players will control one of three characters in the movie ? Roddy, an adventurous character who is suddenly ?flushed? into a bustling world below the streets of London; Rita, a beautiful street-smart scrounger who is also a thief, and the Jammy Dodger, the name of Rita?s boat that has a unique personality of its own.
  • Adventure in Both Movie-based and All-New Environments ? Discover fast-paced adventure in unique locations including Roddy?s posh Kensington Apartment, London?s underground canal system, Arachne?s Lair and more!
  • Master Special Moves and Abilities ? Master each character?s special moves and learn how to use them to battle and out maneuver enemies ? Roddy?s ?dashing fence attack,? Rita?s ?bouncing bungee? and the Jammy Dodger?s ?crayon crossbow? which allows it to shoot crayons at enemies from the turbulent waters of the sewer.
  • Customize the Jammy Dodger ? Collect unique items such as a Roman Candle, Dry Ice and more to customize the Jammy Dodger for a unique look and set of abilities.
  • Single Player or Multiplayer Gameplay Modes ? Play through the game solo, or play Rat Traps and’ Crayons with a friend in split screen mode.
  • Discover Unique Items and Power-Ups ? Adventure to find items and power-ups such as Rita?s Ruby, the Fire Extinguisher, Air Cannon and more to make the Jammy Dodger even more powerful.
  • Dual Screen Action for Nintendo DS? — Utilize the touch screen and microphone for the DS in situational mini-games spread throughout the game?s story mode.
  • Bonus Mini-Games (Console Version) ? Unlock fun mini-games through the game?s rich story mode such as Rat Traps and’ Crayons, Pathfinder and more!

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