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EyeToy: Play 2

TITLE EyeToy: Play 2
GENRE Entertainment

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SCREENS ADDED: 01 Oct-2004

Official Fact Sheet:

EyeToy Play 2 expands upon the revolutionary gameplay of the original EyeToy Play with new advancements in technology that make the 12 games in Play 2 more interactive than ever. Controlling the game using the body rather than a traditional controller, players can strut like a star in ?AirGuitar? or punch and kick like Bruce Lee in ?Kung 2?, as they work their way through a selection of fun and intuitive games. The EyeToy USB camera links to the PlayStation 2 allowing players to see themselves live on screen within the game, enabling them to physically interact with and manipulate characters and environments. EyeToy Play 2 features a plethora of crazy party games that are almost as much fun to watch as to play! Improved multi-player action means that two or three people can play together ? standing up, jumping around and generally having fun, while friends and family look on. In addition, EyeToy Play 2 features SpyToy, allowing players to turn their EyeToy camera into a fun security system that will record anyone that passes by!

  • Kung 2 ? A firm favourite in the original EyeToy Play, this enhanced sequel encourages people to show off their martial arts skills!
  • Secret Agent ? Players must freeze in funny positions to avoid being caught by guards!
  • BubblePop ? A successor to EyeToy Play?s Wishi Washi with a hint of Twister-type action mixed in!
  • MrChef ? Players are stationed in a busy kitchen where they must flip burgers, mash potatoes and salt fries!
  • MonkeyBars ? Players re-enact King Kong?s greatest scene ? but backwards.
  • D.I.Y. Olympix ? From painting rooms to knocking down walls ? home improvement has never been so much fun!
  • Knockout ? Another favourite from the original Play, but this time with more opponents!
  • HomeRun ? Hit the ball and see which base you can sprint to!
  • GoalAttack ? Put yourself in goal and see how may penalties you can save!
  • TableTennis ? The ultimate test of coordination and reflexes!
  • AirGuitar ? Strum and windmill using the EyeToy!
  • Drummin? ? Test your musical skills and keep in time with the beat!
  • Now you can even turn your EyeToy camera into a fun security system!
  • Set the camera to record anyone that passes by
  • ? Turn your living room into a game show as you and your friends compete in more than 70 quick fire mini-games that showcase you hard earned skills from the single-player game.
  • Play head-to-head with four players on one TV to determine once and for all who is the EyeToy Master!
  • Background subtraction, which allows players to be separated from the surrounding background and superimposed in a new environment
  • Colour tracking, allowing players to control the action using brightly colored objects
  • Audio Recognition, allowing players to control the action by using sound and music as input
  • Motion Detection, allowing players to control the action using their movement

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