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Everybody’s Golf (AKA Hot Shots Golf Fore!)

TITLE Everybody’s Golf (AKA Hot Shots Golf Fore!)

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SCREENS ADDED: 12 May-2004

Official Fact Sheet:

Developed by Clap Hanz, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Santa Monica Studios, Hot Shots Golf Fore! returns as the fourth installment in the extremely popular franchise that has sold more than 7.5 million units worldwide. Playable up to four players and more in online mode, Hot Shots Golf Fore! offers more of everything that fans of the franchise have grown to love – from more courses and golfers, more prizes and the return of miniature golf. Featuring more than 30 off-the-wall characters from the clubhouse, as well as new golfers and caddies, Hot Shots Golf Fore! provides a variety of 15 different courses, ranging from challenging 18-hole layouts to demanding par three courses. From breathtaking graphics, spectacular lighting effects, dramatic camera angles and true-to-life golf physics, various gameplay modes are available ranging from tour, tournament, versus, training and the all-new online mode for players to compete against other Hot Shots Golf fans across the nation.

  • Join a full cast of off-the-wall characters from the Clubhouse – 34 in all, featuring new characters, returning favorites and several popular PlayStation 2 characters.
  • Enjoy a variety of 15 different courses, ranging from challenging 18-hole layouts to demanding par three executive courses.
  • Back by popular demand, miniature golf returns with a new twist.
  • The popular “Hot Shots Points” return. Redeem your Points to unlock advanced golf equipment, new courses, characters and tons of wacky golf gadgets.
  • Breathtaking graphics feature fully detailed course layouts with tree-lined fairways, manicured greens and treacherous hazards.
  • Brilliant lighting effects and dramatic camera angles add energy and drama to spectacular shots and untimely ‘shanks’.
  • True-to-life golf physics and touch sensitive controls demand your careful consideration to golf’s many variables, such as wind, ball lie and course elevation.
  • Intuitive controls and adjustable difficulty settings provide easy access for hackers and challenging gameplay for seasoned veterans.
  • Fast paced arcade style gameplay eliminates waiting for load times…or slow foursomes.
  • Test your golf skills in several different modes:
  • Tour – Can you endure a season full of prestigious tournaments?
  • Tournament – Sign in and swing away against a strong field of golfers.
  • VS mode – Challenge golfers to unlock them to your clubhouse or gain new character costumes.
  • Training – “Practice makes perfect.”
  • Online play…Share the course with thousands of Hot Shots Golf fanatics from across the nation:
  • Head-to-head – Enjoy a round of friendly competition with another player.
  • Real time tournaments – Enter these online tournaments and compete with other players
  • Be a part of the Hot Shots Golf online community – Meet, chat and play
  • Hot Shots Golf Fore! with thousands of other online players.

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