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EverQuest Online Adventures

TITLE EverQuest Online Adventures
DEVELOPER Sony Online Entertainment

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SCREENS ADDED: 01 Jan-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

EverQuest Online Adventures takes place during the Age of Adventure; a time set approximately five centuries before the original EverQuest for the PC. Return to a time in Norrath?s past, when the city of Freeport was a new coalition of merchants and the elves have yet to abandon their ancient homeland completely. To the west, Antonius Bayle the second has recently been crowned ruler of Qeynos. In the eastern lands, the once great Eldarr Forest has all but disappeared, its trees withering away as the once rich ground beneath it turns to desert sands.

To the far north, on the frigid plains of Everfrost, many of the nomadic barbarian tribes have put aside their differences and banded together for survival. The city of Halas stands as a new concept to these proud warriors, opening communication and trade with other races for the first time in barbarian history. Fortunately the barbarians have found strong support in their endeavors, especially from the dwarven mining city of Moradhim nestled in the northern mountains. And, in the South, the swamplands provide a perfect home for the trolls of Grobb.

  • All different play styles supported from the occasional 20 minutes before dinner to the hardcore, hours-on-end playfest.
  • A massive seamless world packed with cities, dungeons and huge underground lairs.
  • Unparalleled character customization, including multiple races, 13 classes, skills, spells and abilities. Character avatars have customizable faces, hair and more.
  • Online game play that allows players to team up and fight together, meet friends, form guilds and become heroes.
    Multiplayer cooperative combat including archery and magic.
  • Over 1400 unique character abilities with stunning visual effects.
  • Thousands of quests to complete.
  • Grouping and guilds. Work with your friends to get ahead and join a guild.
  • Hundreds of unique monsters and NPCs.

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