PS2 Cheats

Dr. Muto Cheats

Input BEAMMEUP – All unlocked.
Input BIGDADDY – A cooler version of Dr. Muto
Input BLUEPILL – Dr. Muto Matrix.
Input BUZZOFF – Cool ending.
Input CHEATERBOY – No damage.
Input CHOPSUEY – Chinese Dr. Muto.
Input CYBERDOC – Labcoats.
Input DISTURBING – Goldilocks.
Input EUREKA – Morphs unlocked.
Input GOTHCHICK – Gothick.
Input GROOVYBABY – Jamaican Dr.
Input HOLLOWDOC – No Skin Dr.
Input HOTGREGMA – Beatle.
Input HOTTICKET – Get all FMVs.
Input LOGGLOGG – Get Secret morphs.
Input MINISCOT – Mad Dog shirt.
Input NECROSCI – Invulnerable.
Input QUEPASA – Dr. Muto Mariachi.
Input RELOAD – The Dr.
Input STIG – Small guy.
Input SWITCHOFF – Dr. Muto bot
Input TINKERTOY – Get all gadgets.

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