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Conflict: Global Storm (AKA Conflict: Global Terror)

TITLE Conflict: Global Storm (AKA Conflict: Global Terror)
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Pivotal Games
UK PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 29 Jun-2005

SCREENS ADDED: 18 May-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Conflict: Global Terror brings the Conflict series into the 21st century and is set in the immediate future within the modern day context of counter-terrorism. The game features a completely rewritten engine, with radically enhanced graphics, brand-new ragdoll and driving physics, an online engine, refined order system, highly detailed characters, contemporary weaponry and equipment and extensive use of high-quality cinematic sequences.

  • Smarter soldiers, with greater combat and environment awareness
    Immediate control of any squad member at any time
  • Issue entire team or individual soldier orders via an intuitive and rapid control system
  • Greatly improved enemy combat movement: foes will hold position, retreat while firing, lean and fire from cover, and use circular cover points, shifting around positions to avoid fire
  • Brand new character actions: vault over objects and walls, climb through windows, abseil from helicopters and utilise zip-lines and ladders
  • Greatly enhanced squad movement: use corners for cover and use crates, rocks, bushes and other cover when advancing or falling back
  • Increased interaction between characters, with mission-specific soldier dialogue and a strong plotline that flows through all fourteen missions
  • New aim-assist system replaces automatic-aim control, bringing a deeper skill element to combat
  • New 3D pointer for issuing orders and positioning squad members
    Superior enemy AI: enemies make real decisions based on the player?s actions. Enemies stop advancing when under fire, use smoke grenades to create cover, hold position when in cover, set-up fields of covering fire for each other
  • New graphics engine features include: next-generation lighting engine, with blooming around bright light sources, shadow mapping to give realistic world shading, new animation system to improve blending – just try moving from running forward to lying prone – it all happens in one silky-smooth motion. Add to that an online gameplay engine, the new physics for ragdolls and driving, and brand new FX for night and thermal vision modes, plus many other new and refined effects for explosions and gunfire
  • Totally overhauled character appearances, with incredibly detailed uniforms and faces, and location-specific uniforms for squad and enemies. There are more polygons in the characters? backpacks than there were in an entire Conflict: Desert Storm character. Even the eyeballs animate!
  • Online multiplayerfor PS2, Xbox and PC, plus split-screen multiplayer on Xbox and PS2
  • Voice communication on all three platforms: Logitech headsets on PS2 and’ PC, Xbox Live? headset on Xbox

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