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Chaos Legion

TITLE Chaos Legion
GENRE Action

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 18 Feb-2003

Official Fact Sheet:

Chaos Legion has been billed in Japan as an ?intense gothic opera? which (minus the singing) details the story of master swordsman Sieg Wahrheit and his oldest ally Victor Delacroix. We learn that while Wahrheit is missing for many years on a dangerous mission, Delacroix is tempted and consumed by the forces of Evil. It is Wahrheit?s mission to pursue and prevent Delacroix from bringing chaos to the world. Wahrheit must battle through many gloriously realised 3D environments (featuring stunning architectural exteriors and highly detailed cavernous interiors) against Delacroix and his fearful hoards.

Chaos Legion features a brand new ?legion? fighting system. When enemies attack, Wahrheit can find himself hopelessly outnumbered the odds heavily stacked against him. When this situation arises players are able to summon a legion of allies to assist them in battle. There are many different legion units available for your assistance, each with their own signature weaponry including flame swords, projectile bombs, bow and arrows and heavy maces.

  • Play 13 different levels full of action and intrigue.
  • Experience intensive combat style game-play as players encounter hordes of enemies they must battle with their legion army in a real time 3D setting.
  • Two modes of game-play
  • Normal mode ? Fight numerous adversaries alone for total freedom of movement and the ability to make quick strikes.
  • Legion mode ? To deal with unfair odds, summon a legion and build a formation to combat blitz attacks, increasing the damage inflicted onto enemies while simultaneously controlling Wahrheit.
  • Seven possible legion units are available, each with their own significant characteristics: archer, bomber, shield, sword, power, claw, and giant legion.
  • Two different legion attack modes:
  • Offensive ? They can attack aggressively by commanding them to lock onto and attack a particular enemy
  • Defensive ? They form a wall around the player and keep that formation during combat.

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