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Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer

TITLE Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER VIS Entertainment
US PUBLISHER South Peak Interactive

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 19 May-2005

SCREENS ADDED: 04 Apr-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

Brave is a 3rd person action adventure that sees you take control of Brave, a young Native American in search of Spirit Dancer, his father and also the greatest Shaman who ever lived. Brave’s journey commences when his village comes under attack from the evil Wendigo, who uses his shamanic powers against Brave’s tribe.

  • Along Brave’s journey he will encounter many enemies, enemies such as giant bees, wolves, grizzly bears, paint beetles, rock goblins, and cliff ogres. One of Brave’s toughest opponents are the Fallen warriors, powerful skeletal warriors who act under the bidding of the Wendigo, they always attack in groups and carry deadly weapons, even the loss of limbs won’t deter these from continuing their attack.
  • Brave will gain a great deal of help from the creatures inhabiting his world, creatures well experienced in surviving the treacherous lands. Brave learns the ancient art of mimicry, allowing him to attract and lure the animals of the forest to help him on his quest. If Brave can learn the ways of the Shaman, he too can possess animals by mentally transferring himself into their physical form – possessing the body of a rabbit for example will allow Brave access to rabbit holes and smaller, tight spaces. Or possess an angry grizzly bear to wipe out lots of enemies
  • One of Brave’s closest allies is the Spirit Eagle. The Spirit Eagle will award Brave with Eagle feathers, feathers which allow him to collect spirit energy and which he can call upon to temporarily make himself stronger and a far deadlier warrior. Most importantly though, the Eagle submits itself to Brave, allowing him to fly on his back and perform tasks otherwise beyond Braves abilities.
  • Brave’s journey will need to take in many different terrains. Terrain ranging from lush forests, desert planes, icy lands, raging rivers, the sky above, and even the spirit world. And Brave will need to use all his abilities to find Spirit Dancer, from swimming, to climbing, to use of the longbow and tomahawk, plus mastery of magical spells, and mystical abilities. He’ll also need to learn to control numerous means of transport, such as the canoe, the Eagle, and the buffalo.
  • His journey won’t be easy, but it’s a journey he must take, a journey fraught with danger and revelation, a journey which he must complete. The Search for Spirit Dancer.

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