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TITLE BloodRayne
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Terminal Reality
US PUBLISHER Majesco Entertainment
UK PUBLISHER Vivendi Games

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 19 Mar-2005

Official Fact Sheet:

At the end of World War I, a group of Nazi war criminals fled to South America. There, they heard rumors of strange creatures in the areaand’#8230; and what they uncovered promised to give them the ability to reclaim their intended glory. For almost 20 years, they have developed an immense facility near the coast of Argentina to excavate an ancient temple containing horrific powers.

But this is not the Nazis only foray into harnessing the occult for their diabolical plans. Their evil research has pieced together ancient lore connecting three ancient artifacts that promise a power never before seen on earth if all are brought together. However, to the Naziand’#8217;s chagrin, there is an older, deeper evil at work here. And the only person who can save the world from these two terrible evils, is our super-sexy, super-lethal, super-natural heroine.

  • Sex Appeal – Agent BloodRayne exudes sex appeal, ruthless charm and lethal style. She has got looks and moves that will have gamers lusting for her.
  • Bloodlust – Drink enough living blood and you put Agent BloodRayne into an intensely violent state called Bloodlust where she does much more damage. Drink even more blood and she goes into Bloodrageand’#8230;
  • Supernatural Abilities – Agent BloodRaynes supernatural abilities, which increase throughout the game, include incredible speed, inhuman agility, enhanced vision senses, the ability to and’#8220;slow timeand’#8221; (a la the Matrix) and more.
  • Weapons – Agent BloodRayne has silver blades attached to her wrists for which she can gain enhancements through the game. She is also expert with numerous throwing and firing weapons.
  • Horror-filled cinematic action will immerse you in a story that you play instead of watch.
  • Frighteningly intelligent enemies will seek reinforcements, plan ambushes and use your own weapons against you.
  • Intuitive, responsive and smooth controls make it easy for you to have Agent BloodRayne do what you want, when you want her to do it.
  • Camera FX feature allows for automatic slow motion camera panning when spectacular events like dismemberment or explosions occur. Camera can also be triggered to follow any projectile to its target
  • All-new graphics engine named Infernal Engine from the team that created Nocturne, 4×4 EVO and Fly!

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