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Black Corsair

TITLE Black Corsair
GENRE Action/Adventure
DEVELOPER Virtual Identity

Media Screenshots:

SCREENS ADDED: 12 Oct-2006

Official Fact Sheet:

The Black Corsair is a game set in the piracy golden age. At the beginning of the 17th century the seas were a dangerous place for a ship full of gold traveling from the Caribbean. The pirates were on your back, ready to accumulate enormous treasures in short time. Corsairs were against both pirates and commercial ships. Corsairs (also called Privateers) were adventurers working for the British Crown (or for other kingdoms). Their mission was defending sea trade, fighting both the pirates and the opposite corsairs, stopping and, eventually, loot any foreign commercial ship. They were strong and rough as pirates, but they had got a very peculiar honour code.

They used to show their contract hung to the neck. Historically, the term “Corsair”, comes from the Latin “Currere” and it means “running” (intended as “running on the sea”). At least, kidnaps, pillaging and stealing were not the activities that the Corsairs used to do. Corsairs were definitely not outlaws. Eric Blackrock turns himself into the Black Corsair to save his kidnapped brothers. The Captain Wan Gould is the traitor who made the kidnap. The Black Corsair, together with the giant Wan Stiller, the quick Charmaux and the charming Honorata, will fulfill his revenge. Many films and cartoons have been made with this license, but no comic videogame has ever been done before.

  • The game is set in big cities like London (as it was in 1600) and in huge location as the Royal Court and hidden dungeons. You will move freely in large levels, solve quests, various minigames, climb obstacles, run on the wall and so on.
  • Among the game you will fight thousand of enemies (English soldiers, beer factory workers.. and more), sometimes you will have to fight hordes of enemies made up of more then 140 enemies on screen at the same time.

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