PS2 Games FAQ

Will the PS1 games work on the PS2?

Yes the PS2 can take 98% of PS1 games. Sony have confirmed al list of PS1 games that are not compatible for PS2 use. They are:

Arcade Party Pak,
Atari Arcade Greatest Hits,
Fighter Maker,
Final Fantasy Anthology,
International Track and Field,
Judge Dredd,
Monkey Hero,
Mortal Kombat Trilogy,

Note: PS2 Games will not work on PS1.

Will PS2 load PS1 games faster?

Yes. Start up your PS2 without a disc in the drive. Choose “System Configuration” and then “Playstation Driver”. Change “Disc Speed” to “Faster”. Most games will now work great at more than twice the speed of the old PS1, although a few like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire won’t. PS2 games also tend to load faster than PS1 games.

Will PS2 improve PS1 game graphics?

Yes. Start up your PS2 without a disc in the drive. Choose “System Configuration” and then “Playstation Driver”. Change “Texture Smoothing” to “Smooth”. This will normally blur blocky PS1 textures, although it does not improve the resolution or frame rate.

What Games are out on PS2?

Over 800 PS2 games have been published in the UK to date with another 200 due in 2004. Check out the Complete List of UK PS2 games published to date. Remember you also have the choice of PS1 games too. Check out recent Releases and the Upcoming Games for future game releases. See the Buy Site for keen UK game prices.

What Significance is the colour of the Game Disc?

Sony have colour coded PS2 game discs. Normally Silver discs will be PS2 DVD-ROM format; Blue discs will be PS2 CD ROM format, and Black discs will be PS CD ROM format.

Can I get PS2 Game cheats?

If you are looking for game cheats like invincibility, all weapons, all levels available etc, then checkout the PS2Home Cheats Menu – updated regularly. Simply input the cheats via the joypad. Also check out the Xploder V4 Pro PS2 Cheat System and Action Replay Max which not only has tons of cheat codes but is also updateable online and extras like DVD X.

Can I play US or Japanese games on my PS2?

No not unless you have a US or Japanese machine. PS2 games have territorial lockout to prevent games in one region PAL/ NTSC) of the world being played in another. Sony developers do this to control availability (and price) and to ensure localised versions of games are played (eg language). See “Chipping” below which can illegally override the regional protection. See also Import FAQ and PS2 Mods. However you can play games
from PAL Countries. List Of Countries using PAL.

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Can I have the PS2 chipped to play Import Games?

Some web sites sell chips or Mods for the PS2 but what impact they have on your console…? However, it will certainly invalid your Sony Warranty, and it is illegal. A Chip is a device which circumvents copyright protection. The Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act deals with such devices as a civil offence. See PS2 Mods

Can I play PS2 Online Games?

Yes. You can play PS2 online. Check out PS2 Online Gaming for information on how to get your PS2 Online, and List Of UK Network Games for the current and upcoming PS2 Online Games and Hardware. PS2 Online FAQ.

Can I play Gameboy Color games on my PS2?

Yes if you buy the GameStudio emulator.

Will PC games work on the PS2?

No. PS2 and PC Games are not compatible. But you can store PS2 data on your PC if you use the X-Port V2 .

Will Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox games work on the PS2?

No. PS2 and these Game Consoles are not compatible.

Can I record Gameplay on video?

Yes. Plug your PS2 video lead into your video recorder and record as you would a TV programme – prove your brilliant gameplay and best times etc.

Can I play with Games with more than 2 Players on my PS2?

Yes, but check the number of players on the game box – some games are single player only – and also the peripheral capability. Some games you will be able to use the Multitap which allows you to plug in up to 4 controllers in each controller port. See Multitap below

You can also use i-Link for multi machine action – although this is not available on new PS2s. See i-Link below.

You can also play some games online through network play. See PS2 Online FAQ.

What is i-Link ?

Please note the latest version of PS2 Consoles do not have the i-Link port. The i-Link port on a PS2 allows the possibility of attaching some great new devices. The only current use is for linking PS2s together in some games like GT3 – you can link up with your mates TV/ PS2 combo and play head to head (sort of online gaming offline !). You will need an i-Link cable, and an i-Link Hub peripheral will be needed to support more than 2 players.

Can I play PS2 Games in My Car?

Yes, checkout the PS2 In Car Adapter and the associated Colour Screen or the PS2 Ultmate Travel Pack.

Multitap Compatibility Questions
You can use PS1 Multitaps and PS2 Multitaps -check which one yours is. PS1 Multitaps will only work with PS1 games on your PS2.

Generally PS1 controllers work in the PS2 multitap and vice versa with the PS2 controllers working in the PS1 multitap (you might experience a few problems with the Analog and rumble features though).

PS2 memory card will not work in the PS1 Multitap, because the memory cards are on different formats. Also you can’t save your PS1 games on a PS2 memory card, so that would stop the PS2 memory card from working in a PS1 Multitap.

Its usually best to stick to official Sony products, but simply plug the Multitap into the Player one port on the PS2 then plug anywhere from 1 to 4 controllers and memory cards into the Multitap. You can also plug in a second Multitap in Player 2 port. However, check the maximum number of players each game will support.

What should I do if my PlayStation 2 disk is scratched?

Was the console ever moved while in operation with the game inside? Perform the demo test: Load a demo disk (do not use one of your full games). After the demo disk is played, remove the disk and check for damage. If the PlayStation fails to damage the demo disk, use the demo disc before loading any software for about five days.

If the PS2 causes no damage, the original scratch was probably a result of the console having been moved while in use with the game inside – and a repair/exchange of the console will not be possible.

If circular or concentric scratches appear on the demo disk, it is possible that your PlayStation has a problem. If you think your PS2 has damaged one or more of your disks, do not continue playing with the PS2 as further damage may result and contact Sony UK Telephone Helpline and send the scratched disk(s) to Sony UK where they will be examined and, if necessary, repaired or replaced with new copies.

If, after inspection, the disk has been damaged due to misuse, Sony will return the game to you with details on how to contact the relevant publisher.

Where can I get Discs or DVDs repaired ?

If you want a reliable disc repair service checkout ScratchBUSTERS. Just send the disc in one of their FREEPOST envelopes and they will make it as good as new.

ScratchBUSTERS can extend the life of your disk – NO FIX, NO FEE, you have nothing to lose. Request a FREEPOST envelope now and revive all of your favourite games, music and films with SCRATCH BUSTERS.

My Game Stops/ Freezes or won’t Start.
If your game is not functioning properly, the first thing to check is to make sure
the disc surface is clean and free of scratches. The discs should be cleaned
with a dry, lint free cloth, such as pads designed for cleaning CDs. When cleaning your disks follow the instructions on the packaging. Disks should always be cleaned from the centre to the outer edge in a spoke motion. It is recommended that T-shirts, paper towels, and other household cloths are not used to wipe a disc as they may be abrasive enough to damage it.

Problems may also arise if you have been playing the game for an extended period of time. Try running the game after letting your system cool down.

Another thing you might want to check is the system settings on your PS2.
Start the PS 2 console with no disk inserted in the drive. Upon loading to the
main screen which states “Browser” and “System Configuration”, press the triangle key on the controller. You will see five categories, highlight the PS Driver category and hit the Triangle key once more. Verify that both options within say “Standard”. If they do not, then please change them to do so. Hit the Circle key twice to return to the main menu, then select the “System Configuration” option. The selections on this screen should read as follows:

Digital Output – Off
Component Out – RGB
Language – English
Screen – Full (This toggles the letterbox functions of the console, and may not be fully supported within the functionality of some games).

If the disk still fails to function, try running it from another console. If the game works properly on another system, you may want to contact Sony to find out more about getting your Playstation 2 serviced or see “Disk Error” below.

If the game fails to run on multiple consoles, contact the games Publishers Technical Support for further assistance.

My PS2 Displays “Disc read Error”.
Disc Read Error is the error message that pops up when your PlayStation2 is unable to read a disc whether it involves a Game Disc (whatever colour), DVD, or Music CD.

Disc Read Error (DRE) may come in several forms. The most common is that CD-based games (blue backed discs) will stop working all at once. Another form is when DVD-based games (gold backed dscs) will stop working, and another form is when PS One games stop working, but PS2 games work fine. There are also cases that don’t fall into any of those categories in which there is a mix of all of the above. All of these are Disc Read Errors. A precursor to any of these is usually DREs and glitches encountered in DVD movies.

Check that your disks are free from all dirt and scratches. Follow the cleaning instructions above. If you are still unable to play your disks, try using the same disks on an alternative PlayStation. When testing your disks on another PlayStation 2, please ensure that you do not have any extra controllers or memory cards inserted. The test PlayStation 2 should be the same configuration as your original PlayStation 2.

If Your PlayStation 2 disks do not play on the alternative PlayStation 2 it would appear that your disks are at fault. Contact the Game publisher – Sony do offer a disk replacement scheme for Sony Computer Entertainment titles, contact the Helpline for information. If your PlayStation 2 disks play perfectly on the alternative PlayStation 2 call the Sony UK Helpline and they will help you further.

Quite often the real problems lies within the Laser eye itself. There are 5 lenses inside the laser eye unit, all of which can get dirty. Also, there are magnets inside the eye that control the height and focus of the eye that sometimes cause disc read errors.

The first remedy is to call Sony Helpline and get them to replace your PS2. This has met with a good degree of success even out of warranty – provided you haven’t modded or opened up the the PS2 ! Sony were served with a class-action lawsuit in USA due to the frequent nature of these Disc Read Error breakdowns. So it is in Sony’s interest to repair systems for free. Checkout the Class Action information at:

If however the Sony route does not work you should consider the Ultimate Guide to PS2 Problem Solving and Guidance – click the links opposite and above.

Alternatively there are 3 further Alternatives you may wish to consider (at your own risk) particularly if your PS2 is out of warranty:

Alternative One: The PS2 uses a magnetic mechanism to hold cd’s in place, some cd’s are a little bit thinner than they have to be (several micrometers) or sometimes it’s the magnetic mechanism that is faulty. Try the Scotch Tape improvisation – take two 1-inch long pieces of scotch tape and place them on opposite sides of the CD (as close to the CD hole as possible). How does this work? The disc is using the two symmetric pieces of tape to balance itself on the laser, making the disc easier to be read by the laser. An offset of balance on the disc can occur when dust builds on the magnetic rubber device that holds the disc in place. The tape fixes this. If this still does not work add two more strips of tape onto the two sides of the disc that previously had no tape on them.

Alternative Two: try the Vacuum Cleaner. Using the tube extension on your vacuum cleaner on low suction on the front vents, ejected disc tray, and back fan. This will definitely suck a lot of dust out of the inner workings of the machine, as the PS2 is not airtight.

Alternative Three: try a “Lens cleaning CD/ DVD.” These CDs/ DVDs are made for all disc-based electronic equipment. On the bottom side of these discs (the side that is usually read by laser lenses) is a small cleaning brush. The cleaning brush is made of very light string. As the disc spins, the cleaning brush wipes the laser lens clean, freeing it of any dirt or dust that may have accumulated on it. If your PS2 is suffering from a Disc Read Error because of excess dust, this should fix it. Sony claims that these Lens Cleaning Discs can scratch the PS2’s laser, but sources suggest this is not the case – nevertheless this is at your own risk. Lens Cleaner

Beyond these: the PS2 will need to be opened and Voltage adjustments undertaken or Lens cleaned manually. Try the DIY route with the help of the Ultimate Guide or through a repair specialist. Although remember the cost of a new PS2 is now only £94.99 Black or Silver .

My PS2 Displays “Insert Playstation 2 or PS Format Disc”.
“Insert a Playstation or Playstation 2 Format Disc” is a generic error message that occurs if there is a problem reading the disc, this could be due to the region setting not being set properly by the manufacturer or similar issues and solutions to those in Disc Read Error above. Sony confirm that there is no such thing as a Format disc per se – apart from your Memory Card. There is no official Formatting software from Sony.

I have a game stuck in my PS 2 and there is no power. What can I do?

The fuse in the plug may have blown – try another power lead. Unfortunately there is no manual-release button for the PlayStation 2 disc tray.

Try leaving the power off for an hour, then powering it on at the back whilst holding the ‘eject’ button on the front of the console. The tray may eject. If the disc is still stuck, contact the Sony UK telephone Helpline. The game will have to be retrieved at the repair centre.

I have had problems Saving my Game to Memory Card.
When playing a PlayStation game you will need to use a PlayStation memory card.
When playing a PlayStation 2 game you will need to use a PlayStation 2 memory card.
It is not possible to save a PlayStation game on a PlayStation 2 memory card or a
PlayStation 2 game on a PlayStation memory card.

Some users have had difficulties saving PS1 games onto PSOne cards via a PS2.
Problems may relate to the unreliability of third party (non Sony) Memory Cards, but
some users have had problems with the official cards too.

According to Sony 9 out of 10 Memory Card corruption cases are the result of user error. Many games autoload from the Memory Card early in the boot process and if you remove or insert the Card during this process or while it is saving then corruption is likely.

One further problem to avoid, is not to insert the Memory Card into Memory Card Slot 1 when using the SCPH-1070 E Multi Tap in Controller Port 1. The same is true if they are used in the second ports too as this may corrupt data.

Sony deny any incompatibility with any of their products, but they cannot vouch for software and hardware developers following Sony’s rigid specification guidelines.

Before attempting to save a game make sure you have enough free space available. The amount of memory needed to save the game will be printed on the back of the game box, as well as in the manual. If you need to free up space on your memory card, you can do so by turning on your Playstation 2 with no game inserted. This will allow you to access the memory card manager with which you can delete unwanted save game files.

Corrupted data may be the cause of some problems with the PS2 memory card. Deleting them if having problems.
Step 1: Go to the main PS2 Screen with ‘Browser’ and ‘Options’
Step 2: Go to Browser
Step 3: Click the memory card that your’e having trouble with
Step 4: Look for any saves that are blue boxes and are labeled ‘Corrupted Data’
Step 5: Delete them

Sometimes a game’s save file can become corrupt, and cannot be deleted. This usually happens as a result of one of two occurrences: The Memory Card has been pulled out whilst data was being accessed. A Third Party product has been used (e.g. an unofficial DVD Remote Control or All-Region Enabler) which involves downloading an untested game’s save file to a Memory card. There is no way corrupt save files can be deleted, since a Memory card cannot be re-formatted.

NOTE: Do not remove any peripherals while the PS 2 is switched on. and in general stick to the official products and if problems still persist report the problem to Sony SCEE on UK helpline below.

Solution to Corrupt Memory Cards.
If you have had problems with corrupt memory cards and lost years of game saves, in future you may wish to consider backing up your saves to your PC Hard Drive by using X-Port V2
X-Port V2 taps into the massive storage capacity of your PC’s hard drive.

Using its own special USB cable (included), X-Port V2 uses your PC’s hard drive as a giant memory card which is capable of holding thousands of times more data than a memory card. With X-Port V2 you can acquire new teams for Pro Evolution Soccer 3, swap the new skate parks you built in Tony Hawk’s, exchange high-speed replays from Gran Turismo 3, swap songs you’ve created using MTV Music Generator and exchange Yabasic programs–the list is endless.

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