PS2 Backward Compatibility FAQ

Please note that many of our FAQs were originally published between 2001-2007. Minor details such as prices, products and details will be from the time the post was originally published. Some of the FAQs have been updated.

What can the PS2 do that the PS1 can’t?

PS2 has much better graphics, more games, and a lot more memory. It also plays DVDs as well as Audio CDs. See the technical spec on the Systems Info page. PS2 will also be capable of connecting to the internet and attaching a hard drive (see The Future), and loads of peripherals.

Will the PS1 games work on the PS2?

Yes the PS2 can take 98% of PS1 games. Sony have confirmed a list of PS1 games that are not compatible for PS2 use. They are:

Arcade Party Pak, Atari Arcade Greatest Hits, Fighter Maker, Final Fantasy Anthology, International Track and Field, Judge Dredd, Monkey Hero, Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Tomba.

Note: PS2 Games will not work on PS1.

Will the PS1 controller work on the PS2?

Yes the PS2 console can use the PS1 controller. The only difference is that the old Dual Shock Controller buttons are not pressure sensitive. But as yet there are not too many pressure sensitive games for PS2. See also Multitap.

Will PS1 Peripherals work on PS2?

PlayStation 2 will play PlayStation software. However, most PS1 software will require the use of PS1 peripherals. If a PS1 game requires a multi-tap or memory card then a PS 2 multi-tap or memory card cannot be used. It is essential that you use PS1 peripherals to play a PS1 game. Please check the back of the PlayStation software box for peripheral compatibility.

Will the PS1 memory cards work for PS2 games?

No. But PS1 memory cards will work on PS1 games played on PS2. You will need a PS2 memory card for PS2 game saves.

I have had problems with Memory Card saves.

Some users have had difficulties saving PS1 games onto PSOne cards via a PS2. Problems may relate to the unreliability of third party (non Sony) Memory Cards, but some users have had problems with the official cards too.

According to Sony 9 out of 10 Memory Card corruption cases are the result of user error. Many games autoload from the Memory Card early in the boot process and if you remove or insert the Card during this process or while it is saving then corruption is likely.

One further problem to avoid, is not to insert the Memory Card into Memory Card Slot 1 when using the SCPH-1070 E Multi Tap in Controller Port 1. The same is true if they are used in the second ports too as this may corrupt data.

Sony deny any incompatibility with any of their products, but they cannot vouch for software and hardware developers following Sony’s rigid specification guidelines. In general stick to the official products and if problems still persist report the problem to Sony SCEE on UK helpline.

Will PS2 load PS1 games faster?

Yes. Start up your PS2 without a disc in the drive. Choose “System Configuration” and then “Playstation Driver”. Change “Disc Speed” to “Faster”. Most games will now work great at more than twice the speed of the old PS1, although a few like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire won’t. PS2 games also tend to load faster than PS1 games.

Will PS2 improve PS1 game graphics?

Yes. Start up your PS2 without a disc in the drive. Choose “System Configuration” and then “Playstation Driver”. Change “Texture Smoothing” to “Smooth”. This will normally blur blocky PS1 textures, although it does not improve the resolution or frame rate.

Will PS1 Cables work on PS2?

Cabling is compatible throughout the PlayStation / PlayStation 2 range. Note. Component Video cable is only compatible with PlayStation 2.

Can I link Playstation to PS2?

No. As PlayStation has a serial link to transfer data from PlayStation console to PlayStation console, this is not compatible with PlayStation 2. PlayStation 2 operates using a digital data transfer called I-Link (IEEE 1394/ Firewire) and is therefore unable to communicate with the original and slower serial (Nul-Modem) link.

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