Action Replay 2 Version 2 FAQ

Please note that many of our FAQs were originally published between 2001-2007. Minor details such as prices, products and details will be from the time the post was originally published. Some of the FAQs have been updated.

What does the Action Replay V2 do?

The Action Replay V2 allows users to enhance PlayStation2 games by using special codes created by Datel. See AR2V2 Information.

NOTE: the Action Replay 2 is now Officially Retired.

What is the Action Replay MAX?

Action Replay MAX is the latest Action Cheat Code system replacing the Action Replay 2, and the world’s first broadband-compatible PS2 cheat code system, using lightning-fast PS2 broadband code updates – preloaded with over 30,000 of the latest and greatest PS2 codes, memory manger, DVD X and more. If you don’t have broadband you can still enter new codes manually.

Can I upgrade my Action Replay V2 to Action Replay MAX?

Yes. You can purchase an Action Replay MAX Upgradefor £6.99. This disc upgrades your existing Action Replay for PlayStation 2 (any version) to Action Replay MAX. If you do not have the dongle from your existing Action Replay then this Upgrade disc will NOT function on your PlayStation 2 and you should buy the full version of Action Replay MAXad.

What do these “enhancement codes” do?

Some codes allow Action Replay V2 users to gain access to hidden characters, levels, and weapons. Other codes may allow users to jump higher, gain extra lives, infinite ammo, or even fly in a game that usually does not allow such actions.

Will these codes cause my PlayStation 2 to malfunction or stop working?

Datel confirm “Absolutely not. Action Replay V2 does not affect the PlayStation2 itself; it merely changes addresses and values in a game’s memory while the game is running. If a code causes an undesirable effect in a game, simply press the reset button and make sure the codes were entered properly.”

Where can I find codes for a game that is not currently supported by my Action Replay V2?

Datel is no longer creating new codes for Action Replay V2. The old codes can be found Here, and can be easily added to the Action Replay V2.Also checkout the Ultimate Cheat Discs opposite. However you can upgrade your Action Replay 2 to tne new MAX system.

Can I create my own enhancement codes for the PlayStation 2 AR2 V2?

There is no way to create your own codes for the AR2 V2.

How do I turn off the “(M)” code for a title?

The “(M)” codes cannot be turned off or deleted. These codes are called “Master” or “Enable Codes” and they MUST BE ON for Action Replay to function properly.

Does every PlayStation 2 title require a “(M)” code?

Yes, every title will require an “(M)” code to function properly with the Action Replay V2.

Can I use enhancement codes for PlayStation 1 titles that with my Action Replay V2?

No. Action Replay V2 has been optimised for PlayStation2 titles only. The “Bonus Disc” that came with Action Replay V2 is preloaded with enhancement codes for select PlayStation 1 titles on your PlayStation2.

Will Action Replay V2 allow me to play import titles on my PlayStation2?

No, Action Replay V2 was not designed to allow the use of import titles on the PlayStation2.

Will Action Replay V2 work with the latest version of PlayStation2?

No, Unfortunately the AR2 V2 is not compatible with the newer version of PS2. You will need to get the upgrade to the Action Replay MAX, this is the newer version of Action Replay and does work on the new consoles.

Some codes I’ve found do not work on my AR V2. What do I do?

First verify that the code was entered correctly. If the code was entered correctly, and is still not working, there may be another version of the game that has been released. Check to see if there is another version of the title and try them. If none of the codes for each version tested work, you may need the newest version of the AR2 V2.

I am receiving an error message when loading my Action Replay V2.

If you are receiving an error message when loading Action Replay V2, email with the exact error message that you are receiving along with your complete name and complete mailing address. Make the subject of your email “AR PS2 Error Message” for faster assistance.

What do I do if I get a message appearing saying that my DVD player version is not supported?

If you are receiving an error message when loading Action Replay V2, email with the exact error message that you are receiving along with your complete name and complete mailing address. Make the subject of your email “AR PS2 Error Message ” for faster assistance. Also checkout the site for driver code updates.

Why will a certain game refuse to load, or crash/freeze?

You may have too many cheat codes activated, cut down on the amount you are trying to use. Also make sure you have entered the “M” code correctly.

Where does the Dongle go?

In either memory card port 1 or 2.

I’ve got a “Hardware not detected” error?

Your Dongle probably hasn’t been inserted fully. Try carefully but firmly pushing it in as far as it will go. If you still have a problem, you need to contact your retailer for an exchange.
What does “default on/off” mean?
If set to default “ON” the code will always be turned on when you select the game.

Can I use GameShark codes on my AR2 V2?

No, If you live in the USA, you’ll need to buy the NTSC equivalent of AR2 V2. GameShark 2 V2 is also designed and manufactured by Datel, but it’s distributed in the States by InterAct. NTSC codes are different to PAL codes and will usually have no effect.

What’s the difference between AR2 V2 and GameShark 2 V2?

Although both products are designed, developed and manufactured by Datel, AR2 V2 will only work with PAL (eg European) games and GameShark 2 V2 will only work with NTSC (eg USA) games.

Does the PSX GameShark or Pro Action Replay work with the PS2?

No. The GameShark, Pro Action Replay, and other similar PSX cheat devices try to interface directly with the PSX hardware, which results in problems when used with a PS2. However, the GameShark 2 and Action Replay 2 V2 for PS2 enable codes for PSX games as well as PS2 games.

What’s the difference between AR2 V2 and Equalizer Xtreme?

Although it contains a handful of bonus PS2 game save cheats, Datel’s Equalizer Xtreme is intended for PlayStation/ PSone gamers. It is updateable with new cheats for PlayStation/ PSone games. Although it works great on a PlayStation2, Equalizer Xtreme is NOT compatible with AR2 V2 codes.

Is there any way to enter new codes quicker?

Yes, Datel manufactures a USB keyboard which simply plugs directly in to any of the two USB ports on the bottom left of the PS2.Datel PS2 KeyboardAlternatively, if you own a PC, X-Port V2 (also from Datel) allows you to download new codes to your AR2 V2 direct from the web and store your PS2 game saves on your PC’s hard drive and exchange game saves plus edit and share via the internet and e-mail.

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