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The 6 Best PS2 Exclusive Games

It’s been just over sixteen years since the PlayStation 2 was released, and to this day it remains the top-selling

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Get Obsessed with the Best Cliff Diving Online Game

Now that summer is gone and winter is well on its way, you may be missing going surfing, swimming and

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Tank vs. Tank vs. Tank? Yes, Please

Are you addicted to the immense highs and enraging lows of multiplayer gaming? is an extremely satisfying (and occasionally

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PS2 Games That are Fun to Play

Many games take a serious approach bringing loads of action. But, how about those games that are nothing more than

World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions
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Top PS2 Poker Games

Believe it or not, of all the conventional consoles released within this era the PlayStation 2 actually features more interesting

Sons of Liberty
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7 PS2 Games That Deserve a Next Generation Re-Release

Perhaps following a cue from Hollywood and the movie industry, many game developers have taken to re-releasing various games over

Online Gaming
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The power of online Gaming

Online gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it has become a multibillion dollar industry. It has created a substantial

Resident Evil 4
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The Best PS2 Horror Game Classics For This Halloween

Whoever said that you had to play recently released titles to get a good scare?  The following PlayStation 2 games

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The 5 Best RPG’s released on the PS2

When we think of role-playing games, the tendency is to visualize PC-based MMO’s or perhaps any of the great open

PlayStation concepts
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Sony’s Original Concepts for The PlayStation Logo

Have you ever wondered how Sony decided on the original official PlayStation logo? Below is an image of all the